SWIR Lenses


Buying SWIR Lenses Overseas May Surprise You 

If you are tired of paying high prices for SWIR lenses, there is a solution. Instead of buying the SWIR lenses you need from an American company, look at overseas companies. They can often provide the exact lenses you need, at the same quality level you are used to, and still do so at a low price.
Where are the best companies located? -- While you will find lens companies all over the world, China is becoming one of the more popular places for all types of lenses including SWIR lenses.
This is due to a number of Chinese companies and their expertise in lens manufacturing. Some of them have been in the business for many decades, many of them have high-tech facilities and almost all of them design and manufacture their lenses under international protocols.
How to find the right company -- With a number of Chinese companies offering SWIR lenses, it can take you a little while to find the right company for your needs.
You can do this by doing the following things. First, check the company's reputation, then compare the prices they charge for SWIR lenses with other Chinese companies.
Next, find out how their lenses are manufactured, if they use clean labs for testing and how fast they normally ship. Finally, check out their customer service department with either emails or phone calls.
Ordering from a Chinese company -- Buying SWIR lenses from a Chinese company is no different than buying them from a company in the U.S.
Most companies have English-speaking staff, all the information you need is on their website and you can often order directly through their site as well. If not, contact the company via email to find out what steps you need to take to place an SWIR lenses order.