SWIR Lenses

Why Buying Swir Lenses Online is a Good Idea

Why Buying Swir Lenses Online and From a Chinese Company Is a Good Idea

Buying SWIR lenses from an American company has become more and more expensive over the last few years. Costs of raw materials are rising, as is inflation, and so the cost of SWIR lenses is going up right along with them. 
This is one big reason why many lens buyers are now buying their SWIR lenses from Chinese companies. After all, when you can get the exact same lens you always use at a fraction of the cost of what you have been paying for years, it makes sense to order from a Chinese lens manufacturer. 
Benefits to order from a Chinese company -- So many of the top Chinese lens manufacturers now have a strong Internet presence, it is just as easy to order from them as it is from any American company. 
On top of that, their prices are lower, the quality of the SWIR lenses they sell is just as high, their lenses are made in high-tech facilities and they are tested in international standard laboratories. In other words, the lenses you buy from many Chinese companies are just the same as those you have been buying from an American one. The only difference? The price. 
Most companies also have English speaking staff, so you will not experience a language barrier either. 
Custom SWIR lenses -- One of the big benefits of ordering from a Chinese company is if you need to order custom SWIR lenses. 
This is because most Chinese lens manufacturers can make custom SWIR lenses to your exact specifications, with high quality raw materials and can do so at prices you have never been able to get before. 
Shipping is also fast and cheap so, once you have placed an order, you can expect to receive your custom made SWIR lenses in just a couple of weeks.